Gathering Unto His Name - Preface

 Questions and Answers about the Church


It was the sin of Adam in Eden that first closed the door on the meeting of God with man. Through Jacob, God promised that ?unto Him (Messiah) shall the gathering of the people be? (Gen 49:10). To Israel, God said, ?There I will meet with thee and I will commune with Thee from above the mercy-seat? (Exod 25:22). Because it was accepted as atonement for sin, the blood on the mercy-seat typically allowed God to commune with man. The promise was fulfilled when the Shekinah Glory filled the tabernacle and the divine Pres­ence was displayed as the gathering center of the camp of Israel (Exod 40:34).

When God brought Israel into the promised land, He chose out of their tribes a place to put His name (Deut 5:12). To this place Israel brought their burnt offerings, sacrifices, tithes, heave offerings, vows, first fruits arid free­will offerings. At this place of God?s choice, they met before the Lord, wor­shipped and heard His Word.

There is not any one physical place that God has chosen today out of the world, but we gather to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ in His name and the promise of God is true in a far deeper sense, ?There will I meet with thee and will commune with thee?. This book attempts to describe such a meeting with the Lord. Such a meeting place is a New Testament assembly gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.