Golden Lampstands of Iowa - Mason City

 Mason City
Mason City has a population of 30,000 and is the business center of North Central Iowa. The two large cement plants, Northwestern Portland and Lehigh Portland, are located here as the components necessary for cement manufacture are found north of the city: also, the Decker Meat Processing Plant was here and the Crystal Sugar Plant for the processing of sugar beets was also here. It has been moved to Minnesota. These all provided employment for the people.
In the late teens and early 20's the gospel was brought into the area. Freeman School, Community Country Church, and also the Bryant were scenes of gospel meetings. Mr. E.G. Mathews and Mr. son labored here in the early years, followed by Samuel Keller,
Oliver Smith, A.T. Stewart and Samuel Hamilton. In 1932, Elgie (Buzz) )amlson and William Warke pitched a tent on North Federal which drew large crowds with several reached by God's grace.
These were depression days when a bushel of corn sold for 10 cents. Many people chose to burn it in the stove rather than to buy coal to keep warm. Live fat cattle sold for $3.50 per 100 lbs. and hogs for $2.65 per 100 lbs.
During these years the material things didn't seem to have a hold on the people as in later years; the eternal things were more important and there was an open ear for the sweet strains of the gospel. The gift of eternal life drew men and women and a number were saved. Some of the new converts were baptized in a stream north of town and then started to meet in homes for prayer and bible study. These were enjoyed and proved fruitful and, as they were continued they furthered the desire to carry out the Word of God. They, like the Corinthians in Acts 16:8, had heard the Word of God, their hearts were receptive and now they believed the Word of God.
They were also baptized according to the Word of God. Now they greatly desired to gather on the Lord's day, the first day of the week in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection for them; all according to I Corinthians, chapters 10 and 11, where the Cardinal truths of the Lord's Supper are given.
The Supper was an Act of Remembrance. I Corinthians 11:24 (In remembrance of me)
The Supper was an Act of Obedience. I Cor. 11:24 (This do in remembrance of me)
The Supper was an Act of Communion. I Corinthians 10:16-17
The Supper was an Act of Thanksgiving. I Corinthians 11:24 (Had given thanks)
The Supper was an Act of Anticipation. I Corinthians 11:27 (until He Come)
The Supper was an Act of Responsibility. I Corinthians 11:28 (Let a man examine himself)
The Supper was an Act of Testimony. I Corinthians 11:26 (Ye do shew)
On September 9, 1934 the assembly of 16 Believers first gathered in Remembrance of the Lord their Saviour, meeting in a rented basement on 4th and North Federal. Later they met in the Y.M.C.A and Y.W.C.A. buildings. The present assembly correspondent, George Naber, was saved just 11 days later in the wee hours of the morning after deep soul concern. He says, "I took God at His word--That Jesus died for me and that He alone could save me from hell and the lake of fire." After 50 years in Christ, George says "I can say with I Peter 2:7 'Unto you therefore which believe, He is Precious.
In 1952 an old church building was bought which proved to be a poor location, as streets were made into one-way drives. This left the assembly with a very severe parking problem and in 1967 this building was sold and another building on Maple Drive was bought, in a pleasant quiet surrounding. This is the present home of the assembly.
In 1945 Elgie (Buzz) Jamison moved from Cassville, Wisconsin to Mason City. Mr. Jamison was a gifted and exercised brother who was a great blessing to the assembly. He spent much time with the assembly as well as preaching the gospel and ministering to the believers in other areas of Iowa and Wisconsin. One day, Mr. Jamison and Mr. Oliver Smith were out visiting and as they drove through the city of Clear Lake, they saw an old man walking on his lawn with a cane. His elderly wife was nearby raking up the fall leaves. Mr. Smith stopped his car, walked over to the old gentleman and said "Do you know you will have to be born again to go to heaven?" The old man began to weep and said "I know I do." The Spirit of God had led Mr. Smith no doubt, for later the happy ending was that both the old man and his wife were saved.
In 1949 one of the leaders in the Mason City Assembly--William Jennings Muldoon--was traveling near Marshalltown, Iowa, heading toward Des Moines on a paint-selling mission. He personally had developed a special paint to be used as airplane paint. It could withstand the altitude and friction stress and had proved to be ideal for planes. As he left Mason City that morning he stopped to give a hitchhiker a ride, who for some unknown reason, shot and killed Mr. Muldoon. This was a great shock and grief to the assembly and also to the Lord's people in other assemblies, who will never understand on this side of glory why it happened. The killer was tried and given a life sentence; however after 20 years, we understand he has been freed. Mrs. Jennings Muldoon is still with us in the assembly.

May the lamp stand with its light continue to glow and brighten as we await our Lord's return.