Golden Lampstands of Iowa - Grandview

We feel led to give a short history of the Grandview assembly. It is in a small town in southeast Iowa. Only 8 miles west the Iowa River and the Cedar River join in a Y and the two rivers flow together into the mighty Mississippi; this forms a beautiful view as one looks to the North from the highway bridge east of Columbus Junction.
We include Grandview because it was the labors of brethren from the Northern Iowa assemblies that led to the re-establishing of the lamp-stand there on September 18, 1959. In the history of Grandview an assembly of believers met as early as 1887 in the home of C. W. Cross, 7 miles away. Later, in 1896, the assembly was meeting in town and from then on met in various locations and, last of all met in the home of a farmer named Hammel. Mr. Hammel was quite active in the Lord's work. Here the Christians had a nickname given them and they were called the Hammelites; this of course was given by people who do not understand that these were simply Christians gathered unto the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the late 1920's the lamp stand was removed as death claimed some of those who remained in fellowship, and there were no further assembly gatherings here; but to the northwest 6 miles there was another small assembly known as the Letts Assembly.
The Garnavillo brethren heard of an interest in this area, and in the winter of 1952 Brethren Louis Brandt and Dale Hyde of Garnavillo began meetings in the Letts assembly hall, a schoolhouse out in the country a little way. The word of God had been sown here and also in the Grandview area so nearby. As the Gospel was now preached in 1952 many of the children and grandchildren could recognize it as truth, and the wholesome sweet strains of the Gospel won the hearts first of Mrs. Becky and Mrs. Kent.
As summer time of 1953 came the Gospel tent was put up in Letts. In this town the response was small, only one local person came to the meetings but from Grandview and Conesville many came; so after six weeks of meetings at Letts the tent was moved to Grandview where meetings continued for seven weeks more and a number were saved, among them Dan Gast, and Ruth Cocklin.
After this meetings were held in Grandmother Gast's spacious home with its very large living room; she too had been saved and appreciated her salvation. She gladly opened her home to the preaching of the word of God. Tent efforts were often held in the years that followed. Others came along to encourage them, among them Brethren Steve Mick, Robert Orr and the writer.
In 1959 the believers were led to gather as an assembly re-establishing the lamp stand in Grandview. Dale Hyde who had spent much time and exercise there was with them as the assembly began. A week later he was taken home to glory by way of a heart attack. The assembly continued to meet in Grandmother Gast's home until 1972 when their new hail was completed. It is here that the assembly continues to function as the gathering center for God's peculiar treasure, His people. From here the special worship rises, the Gospel is preached, and the Lord's people are fed spiritual food.