George Campbell Biography, Evangelist to Newfoundland - Forward


It was a heaven-born instinct that led my friend and brother, George Campbell, to write this book. It was not just a simple desire on his own part, but rather a divine constraint. He wrote as one who was ?driven by the Holy Spirit. Time was running out and the story had to be told.

Of course, that was true of his entire career as an evangelist. There was a story to be told-the gospel of redeeming grace. Time was short. The vows of God were upon him. He had to work the works of Him who sent him while it was day. The night was coming, when no man could work.

There was something truly apostolic about his ministry. Together with his co-workers, he had seen a number of assemblies planted in Newfound­land and Labrador in the space of 30 years. I am not aware of any com­parable work on the North American continent.

The book brings together the story of his early years, his conversion, his years in Newfoundland and Labrador, and a gospel campaign in Stor­noway, Scotland, the place of his father?s birth.

Then came the dreaded diagnosis of cancer. To many it was a stagger­ing blow, but he faced it with the spiritual poise of a man whose roots are deep in God. With typical self- forgetfulness, he continued to preach the gospel as long as strength allowed.

As we who knew him read the book, we will still hear his strong, ear­nest voice and sense afresh something of his passion for souls. But even more, we will hear a man who stood at the very gate of heaven, calling back to us to drop all the irrelevant things of life and go in for that which is eternal.

The great ministry will continue through this volume, and he, though dead, will still speak.

William MacDonald

". What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter!"