The Person of Christ - Preface



The Person of Christ Series appeared in Truth and Tidings magazine over a period of thirteen months. Many believers expressed their appreciation of these thirty-eight articles when they were published, and have requested that they be printed in a more permanent form. Our brother, Samuel F. Johnston of Gospel Tract Publications, 48 York Street, Glasgow, Scotland, offered to publish this book in compliance with these requests.

Care has been taken to republish this material in its original form, with only minor corrections. A full index of Scripture references has been added to aid the careful reader of the Word of God in his studies.

The article on the Perfect Servant was written many years ago by the late esteemed W.E.Vine. The other seven writers are engaged in an evangelistic and teaching ministry in Scotland, Wales, Nireland, Canada and the United States.

The matchless glories of the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the eternal value of His once for all sacrifice, are subjects which are dearest to the heart of the heavenly Father. May each saint who ponders the truths presented in these pages find his heart?s affections stirred, his hands engaged for the glory of God and his footsteps hastened toward the blessed moment when we shall see Him as He is.

April 1981            Norman Crawford