Old Testament History - 1.0 - Chronology of the OT

Dates of Events Recorded in the Book of Genesis, According to Hales, Ussher, and Keil.

Column 1 - Ussher, Before Christ; Column 2 - Ussher. Year of the World; Column 3 - Event; Column 4 - Hales, Before Christ; Column 5 - Hales, Year of the World; Column 6 - Keil, Year after the immigration into Canaan.

40041The Creation54111 
3874130Birth of Seth5181230 
3769235Birth of Enos4976435 
3679325Birth of Cainan4786625 
3609395Birth of Mahaleel4616795 
3074930Death of Adam4481930 
3544460Birth of Jared4451960 
3382622Birth of Enoch42891122 
3317687Birth of Methuselah41241287 
3130874Birth of Lamech39371474 
3017987Translation of Enoch39141487 
29481056Birth of Noah37551656 
23461658Birth of Arphaxad31532258 
23111693Birth of Salah30182393 
22811723Birth of Heber28882523 
19982006Death of Noah28052606 
22471757Birth of Pelag27542657 
22331771Confusion of Tongues25542857 
22171787Birth of Reu26242787 
21851819Birth of Serug24922919 
21551849Birth of Nahor23623049 
21261878Birth of Terah22833128 
19982006Death of Noah   
19962008Birth of Abram21533258 
19212083Abram in Canaan207833331
19102094Birth of Ismael2067334411
 Beg. Of Circumcision24  
18962108Birth of Isaac2053335825
 Death of Sarah62  
18562148Marriage of Isaac2013339865
18362168Birth of Esau & Jacob1993341885
 Death of Abraham100  
 Esau's Marriage125  
 Death of Ishmael19163495148
1760 Jacob to Padan Aram162  
 Jacob's Marriage169  
17452259Birth of Joseph19023509176
17392265Jacob's to Canaan18963515182
17322272Jacob's at Hebron18893522192
17282276Joseph sold into Egypt18853526193
17162288Death of Isaac18733538205
17152289Joseph Gov. of Egypt18723539206
17062298Jacob goes to Egypt18633548215
16892315Death of Jacob18463565232
16352369Death of Joseph17923619286

The reader will find in ch. 10, some explanations regarding the systems of Chronology by Ussher and Hales. Hales professes to follow the text of the Greek or LXX translation of the Old Testament, correcting it by the Jewish historian Josephus, whose dates, however, are often manifestly very inaccurate. Ussher professes to follow the Hebrew text. The modern Jewish chronology places the birth of Isaac, when Abraham was one hundred years old, in the year of the world 2048. With this latter very nearly agrees the chronology adopted by a celebrated modern German commentator, Professor Keil, who places it only two years earlier, viz. in 2046. We have given in the last column, according to the chronology of Keil, the succession of events after the migration of Abram into Canaan. Keil places the latter event in the year of the world 2021, and before Christ 2137. From this the reader will easily be able to calculate all the other dates according to the chronology of Keil, which on the whole seems to us the most reliable. He bases it on the following data: according to 1 Kings 6:1, the Temple of Solomon was built 480 years after the Exodus, while the deportation of Israel into Babylon took place 406 years after the building of the Temple, that is, in all, 886 years after the Exodus. But as the commencement of the Exile must have fallen in the year 606 before Christ, we have the year 1492 before Christ (or 2666 after the Creation) as that of the Exodus. The year 606 before Christ is fixed as that of the commencement of the Babylonish exile, because it ended after 70 years, in the first year of the sole reign of Cyrus, which we know to have been the year 536 before Christ.