Marriage and the Family - Introduction


 One -Building the Basis
 Two -God's Pattern Under Pressure
 Three -Enlightenment from the Epistles
 Four -First Things First
 Five -Heartbroken Homes (1)
 Six -Heartbroken Homes (2)
 Seven -Luke's Family-Life Series
 Eight -On Being Single
 Nine -Abortion
 Ten -Solomon's Cure
 Eleven -Failing Fathers
 Twelve -Parents with Priorities (1)
 Thirteen-Parents with Priorities (2)
"Marriage and the Family" was published as the lead article for thirteen months in the Truth and Tidings magazine. They were longer than normal magazine articles with the intention that they would be published as a book. During the time they were running in the magazine, hundreds of requests were received and are still being received that these articles should be given a more permanent form. In our ten years with the magazine, we have never seen such a response to anything we have published. The present book is the result.
The value of the material will speak for itself. Dr. A. J. Higgins is a practicing physician who, in his clinical practice, is daily answering questions that relate to home and family. He has excellent training and has gained a wealth of experience, but the truth taught in this volume is from Scripture. We have been deeply impressed that throughout this entire subject, Dr. Higgins has not resorted to a psychological approach with a few Scriptures added on to give it a Christian flavor. The truth taught is the exposition of Scripture, with practical application that is in full harmony with the interpretation of the Word of God. It is our conviction that these chapters will have a far wider circulation than the readership of Truth and Tidings magazine. Mr. Samuel F. Johnston of Gospel Tract Publications, Glasgow, Scotland is handling the printing and binding as well as the distribution of this book.