Training for Reigning - 31 - How long is long hair?

POSSIBLY NEARLY A dozen times, since a small measure of health improvement has permitted me to venture abroad occasionally, have I been challenged by that question. Likely it was good for me, too; because it compelled me to undertake a closer study of "what saith the Lord?". . . And anything-anything at all- that does that to a Christian must be rated a blessing, indeed. I shall note farther on what I have learned; but, to begin with, let me acknowledge that I found out also, some things related to the sister’s viewpoint which were new to me.
In the kindness of the Lord, some of His people undertook to help me to become a trifle more up-to-date on these matters. It was ‘pointed out that the above question scarcely would have been asked not so many years ago. The reason this subject has become a live issue is found in the fact that style changes have created a real problem for many girls, particularly those engaged in business, where appearance is an important factor. I learned that some sisters have trudged from store to store trying to find a hat that would fit. (It seems, my brethren, that few hats are made big enough, nowadays, to accommodate a coil of hair. The short-hair fashion so thoroughly dominates the present scene that the majority of them are far too small for girls having much hair). So now I know that one reason some have shorn their tresses is that have grown weary of the struggle, and have shortened them in order to ease their hat-buying troubles. For my part, I certainly sympathize with you, my sisters.
It is evident, indeed, that Satan does not intend to allow you to have an easy time doing the job the Lord has assigned to you. Perhaps it is because our Lord’s return is so near at hand that His enemy seeks to increase your difficulties, hoping you will abandon the struggle to continue honouring Him. The truth is that things will get harder and harder as His coming draws nearer (2 Timothy 3:1). And, as we see so clearly in those countries controlled by the anti-God religion called "communism," Satan readily by-passes older folks in his determination to capture the young. We may expect, therefore, to see this tactic employed increasingly in our own lands, as well. We need not be surprised to find, then, that when he manipulates appearance-styles, he is most pleased if he can hit you in a spot where it will hurt you . . . hurt you in the estimation of others . . . hurt you in the eyes of employers, and so drive you, if possible, into doing what he wants you to do in this, as well as every other, department of your life.
Therefore, my sisters, let me remind you that your Lord will know how to assess your efforts to please Him. And the more you are content to "lose" for His sake, the more will be your gain in the ages to come. So let me urge you not to be upset when you have to plod, discouragingly, from store to store because a hat that will fit is hard to find. Every single step you take in your concern to be well-pleasing to Him will be recorded fully in Heaven, just as surely as if you sought to please Him by pointing some soul to Himself. Oh, do not let Satan make these trials seem so vexatious as hardly to be borne! Even if you have to buy a hat that your mirror tells you is years too old for you, you will look lovely in the eyes of the Lord Jesus. Every minute you must wear it, it will be before His eyes as if it bore the label, "For my Master’s sake". . . If you were a missionary in a foreign field would you not count it an honour to "endure hardness" for the cause of your Lord?
Now let me tell you what I learned about 1 Corinthians 11:14-15.
It seems quite clear to me now that our sisters in the Assembly at Corinth would not have had any reason to say: "I know it says ‘long hair.’ Yes, but how long?" because they attached a different shade of meaning to the term from that found in the corresponding English word. They had two words for "hair," their common word being employed throughout the New Testament, except in the solitary instance of these two verses. Here their special word occurs: the noun "komee" and the verb form "komao." Mr. Green in the vocabulary appended to his, "Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament," gives as the first meaning of the infinitive: "To nourish the hair," and as second:
"To wear the hair long." Evidently our sisters in the Lord in those days went in for nourishing their hair in order to make it grow long. As a result their word for "nourished hair" also meant "long hair." And their nourished hair became long hair that provided a covering, in their Lord’s eyes, becoming to their sex; while the second covering of the "veil" (or hat; vs. 5-13) was ordained as a voluntary sign of their recognition of the headship of the man . . . "on account of the angels," vs. 10.
Now I do not forget that some of you girls have never really cut your hair. It has not grown long because, since your childhood, you have kept clipping off the ragged ends. What would happen if you began to nourish it with a view to increasing its length?. . . Please don’t get angry and tell me (as I have been told) that it’s none of my business. Quite well do I know that it’s your responsibility, and not mine, to decide what should be done with it. But will you blame me for coveting for you the smile of the Lord Jesus in a day that is no longer far away? Or can you deny that I have a duty to perform in seeking to make plain His Word to you? Beyond that, the choice must be yours.
How long is long hair?
(a) Long hair is hair that has been nourished with a view to its growth.
(b) Its ultimate length will be determined by the length you are willing to go in acknowledging Christ as your Lord.
(Now don’t go asking me: "But what if my hair won’t grow long?". . . You know the answer: 2 Cor. 8:12).