Training for Reigning - 30 - Fruit in his season pt2


started to work in the carpenter shop, He recognized that He was serving His Father there. (Compare Col. 3:23, 24), and you simply cannot think of Him as complaining, or "lying down on the job."
Remember, also, that Nazareth was noted for its "tough guys." But we never read of Him fighting to "get His own back." Instead, we are certain that it was there that He got His earliest OPPORTUNITIES to practice Hebrews 12:3. No wonder that He "increased in wisdom . . . and in favour with God and man." Blessed Lord Jesus!
Again my space is at an end. But let me urge you young people to make a start in this way of living. Read Romans 12:2 again. You will make lots of mistakes, but YOU CANNOT LOSE by venturing to walk by faith in the path of obedience. And as to how you may know His will in every-day matters, I need only say that the promise of Psalm 25:9 covers everything. The "meek" are those who prefer Cod’s will to their own.
Try it, won’t you? Then there will be "fruit in his season!"