Training for Reigning - 29 - Fruit in his season

THE "SEASON" WHICH I have in mind, when I quote the above words from Psa. 1:3, is the ‘teen age period, of course. And that there can can be abundant, acceptable fruit to our God in this season is beyond question, when we recall those years in the earth-life of the Lord Jesus (Luke 2:51, 52). Not only so, but the record of that period provides us with a pattern for the same years in our own lives, and a supreme encouragement, when we remember that it was partly with reference to those "hidden" (but not wasted) days that the Voice from heaven declared, "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased," (Matt. 3:17).
"Fruit in his season," young people! That is what your Heavenly Father was-and still is-looking for. Oh, I know that there seem to be few ways in which you can do something for the Lord . . . That some of you feel so hedged-in, and frustrated, and misunderstood, that you are persuaded you can’t do anything worth while . . . While others of you feel that you just aren’t any good any way; and that Satan keeps informing you that you never will be any different . . . in fact, that it would have been a good thing had you never been born
But, I also know that the Lord Jesus said that Satan is a liar (John 8:44). Moreover, "God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all," (I John 1:5). Remember that fact, won’t you? It means that you can be certain that every particle of darkness that comes into your life comes from the devil C!) not from God. So, turn your eyes to the Light, and let us consider some of the ways we can bring forth fruit in this season of our lives, that will be fully acceptable to our God. But, let me warn you that, if you are willing to accept as your pattern the manner of life of the Lord Jesus, when He was your age, you may have to scrap some of your present ideas and ambjtions. For the exercises of His pre-service years might well be captioned:
Just as He did (as Son of Man), you began your journey over the long (tedious?), Adolescence Bridge, when you entered the ‘teens . . . a journey, if the Lord leaves you here, that will not be completed until you reach the early twenties. For you, therefore, as for Him, those intervening years have been designed by God for practicing years, in view of your adult life-to-be. And every detail of your practice-in-preparation gives you a chance to bear fruit in this season, even as did the Lord Jesus.
Do a lot of thinking and praying about that fact, won’t you? Because, if you forget it, fight against it, or ignore it, it won’t be long until you are complaining and groaning, sick of people, of everything, even of living, and maybe trying to find some way to escape. Attitudes like these make it easy for Satan to load us down with darkness, to tempt us into courses that end in grief.
But let us be constructive, and, "look upon Him as He walked," (John 1:36 with 1 John 2:6). Luke 2:51, 52: "And He went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them . . . and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man." Surely here was "fruit in his season!"
When God sent children to our first parents, He had planned for them a youth-development-programme that was best in every possible way. Sin, however, marred it all. And not until the Lord Jesus came did the world ever see youth-development in the beauty of perfection that He originally had intended, as recorded in this passage.
There will not be space to examine His record in this present chapter. Perhaps it may be possible in the next. But, let me jot down the manner of His walk noted in those two verses. In them we are told the things that made up His life as He sought, always, to do the things that pleased His Father (John 8:29).
He went down WITH THEM. Notice that He does not keep aloof in any sense, although they were not able to rise to the level of His understanding (vs. 49, 50).
He came to NAZARETH. History cites it as a cesspool of iniquity. Notice John 1:46.
He was SUBJECT TO THEM-subjection to human parent- control, though far above them in every moral excellence.
He INCREASED IN WISDOM! Having voluntarily been "made like unto His brethren" (apart from sin), development of mental capacity was a necessary feature of His human life, even as it is of ours.
He INCREASED IN STATURE: Development of body.
He INCREASED IN FAVOUR WITH GOD: By this we understand that the manifestation of His Father’s favour rested increasingly upon Him.
He INCREASED IN FAVOUR WITH MAN, winning the people’s respect, and possibly a grudging approval, by the quiet, unassuming, God-honouring life He lived, as the Carpenter of Nazareth (Mark 6:3).

"Practicing in Preparation" is the somewhat cryptic title I have suggested for the eighteen years of making ready for the time when He should be called forth as God’s Perfect Servant. Only seven descriptive details have been given of His occupations
-and very limited in scope they seem to us who read them now.