Training for Reigning - 27 - Coloured Thinking

YOUNG CHRISTIAN, since you are in the process of building your thinking, it is most necessary that you shall get your thoughts "on straight"; for it is as true of you and me that as we think in our hearts, so ARE WE, as it is of the person indicated in Proverbs 23: 7. Therefore, "Where are my ideas coming from?" is a question each of us should consider seriously. Moreover, if the psychologist’s dictum is true, that a person is, at any given time, "the product of all that has gone before," you will come to see that true "independent thinking" is an impossible dream, variations in selection of matter, and direction, alone being possible.
Where do our ideas come from, anyway?
The answer might well be, "From all that our minds bump into every hour of every day." We are much like the chameleon which takes on the colour of its surroundings: or like Fido - nice, white Fido - who fell into a tub of purple dye, and became a purple dog for many days thereafter. Of course, if the pup had kept clear of the dye, he should not have taken on that strange hue. In other words, though side by side with a tubful of purple dye, he could have kept himself in other surroundings, and so have remained a white dog. Failing in this, he might have dipped in one paw, then an ear, then his tail, and so have become part white, part purple. Again, he could have exposed but one section of his anatomy to the dye over an extended period of time. Many possibilities occur to one’s mind; but always the end result would be the same: Fido would not be a pure white animal ever again unless he received some very thorough cleansing of some sort.
Now, young folks, the "purple dye" surrounds us on every side. For example: the thinking of your unsaved acquaintances is, in a general sense, all wrong since it is based on a way of life apart from God . . . (So, too, is the thinking of many Christians, and for the same reason). Indeed, unless we are wide awake to the need for entirely different ideals (young sisters, please note:), standards of values, aims in life and methods of getting them, we will surely adopt ideas, and adjust our lives to them, while scarcely aware that we are doing so. And in the slow-passing weeks, months, years, we are doing it, WE SHALL BE FORMING HABITS OF THINKINK AND ACTING that will govern our lives unconsciously, completely, unless . . . (to change the metaphor) God uses the flail of tribulation to pound them out of us, to separate the wheat from the chaff. (And this He is quite certain to do: Heb. 12: 6-10. His infinite love for us, and for that which is true, and enduring, will compel Him to do so).
Habits of thinking and acting . . . habits of thinking and acting . . . habits of thinking and acting - you have been building them up for a long time now, but have you ever thought about them before?
If you will mull over those words for a few days you will realize that your whole life follows a sort of pattern ("behaviour pattern," they call it) laid down in your early childhood, and which you have been adding to, reinforcing, ever since by acquiring habits of thinking and acting. Your thinking has been gathered bit by bit - from a thought that came to you from something someone said, an idea gleaned from a friend, or heard over the radio, or picked up from a newspaper, book, or (let’s hope!) from the Bible, or a ministry meeting, or a spiritually- minded Christian.
Do you see the point? If you do, you will understand why this chapter is captioned, "Coloured Thinking". . . and why it is so important to put up a battle to keep free from the purple dye of sin-spoiled men and women who fill their thought-tubs with the products of a sin-spoiled intelligence.
Now it is possible that some of our readers will not agree with what they have been reading . . . because the writer, himself, fought against these unpleasant-to-the-flesh facts for years. Indeed, ever since Father Adam said "I won’t" to the all-wise God and "I will" to the Deceiver, the sons of men have loved to consider themselves INDEPENDENT (I!!), to listen to everybody with "an open mind" about things in general, to believe what appeals to their reason and to act according to their own judgment and inclinations . . . and Satan has been delighted to have it so. And why not? Were not those objectives the very impulses that caused him to risk, and to lose, his former place in Heaven?
But the fish that "lives, moves, and has its being" in the seas existing therein, deriving from its waters oxygen and food, and every requisite of life, would be a fool where it to allow its "reason" to lure it into some other form of "independence." It just wasn’t built for anything else. And you and I were not built, either, for a life other than one of dependence on, and obedience to, the living God: Acts 17: 24-28. Adam and his descendants tried to escape from such a life; the Lord from Heaven has brought you and me back into it - praise His blessed Name! So may we understand at once the supreme wisdom of His word to us in Psa. 1: 1: "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly" - earth’s betraying purple dye!