Training for Reigning - 21 - Opportunity for Advancement

DON’T SELL YOUR "brains" completely!
Neither be content to reserve for your spiritual development the left-over minutes, and fagged attention, more or less exhausted by other interests. For certainly Earth’s mess-of -pottage, for one of Heaven’s own, may be a good position and a good income - with opportunity for advancement. It may smell most savoury to your progress-hungry soul but the blunt truth is that it won’t be worth a fig to you in the age-after-age eras of "the ages to come" that are just around the corner of your present occupations.
Moreover, if you should be called away from earth in possession of a poor, success-shriveled soul, remember you will have to live with a poor, little, success-shriveled soul for a long, long time - "unto the ages"- if I understand my Bible aright.
If the Personality that is You is destined to continue in eternity, your only chance of having it "grow up unto Christ" (Ephesians 4: 13, 15) is this present life-time opportunity. True enough, when we get to Heaven we shall be liberated from every form of hindrance. Our vessels, whether large or small, will be filled to over-flowing; and we shall bear all the weight of glory that our shoulders, broadened and firmed by earth-weights of "light affliction" (2 Corinthians 4: 17), are capable of sustaining. But all the Heavenly blessings described in the Word are related to what we are when we go to Heaven. Spiritual giants will be "like Christ" in the spiritual giant capacities. But spiritual dwarfs, as far as has been revealed, never can hope for anything more than to be like Him in their pitifully tiny capacities. So, if you don’t amount to much as a Christian down here . . . well, figure it out for yourself . . . and get your sights up! Colossians 3: 1-4.
My reason for writing in this manner is the observation that so many of our young people who have ability, or possess good educations, seem to be selling themselves, body, soul and spirit, to some Corporation, or Institution, or Position, which demands and absorbs every ounce of their thinking powers - initiative, inventiveness, energy and push, direction, and general application - and whose demands never grow less.
The Urge to Achieve, found in every one of us to some degree, receives a strong impetus every time some advance is made. But all too often the consequent increase in responsibility which must be assumed results in our being compelled to devote (!) every particle of our mental abilities and driving power to making good in the new position. Thus Satan, unable to swallow us up by means of worldly pleasures, etc., achieves his ends by a method far more compelling than earth’s tinsel and glitter. He contrives to bury us . . . - Heaven’s Own! . . . by degrees, and often completely, in the alternating earth-slides of Opportunity and Increased Responsibility. Proverbs 30: 15 provides us with a metaphor which seems peculiarly suitable at this point:
"The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, give, give."
True enough increased responsibility does develop and broaden one’s capacity. But of what consequence is a broadened capacity if a Filthy Lucre worshipper receives the maximum benefit there from, while God, and our own spiritual growth, must be content with any left-overs there may be of time, and of tired-out attention that our sense of duty may be able to drum up?
No, I’m not pleading for more Service, but for more Brain- space. After all, our mental equipment only has a limited capacity. And if every nook and cranny of it is crammed with earth interests . . . well, it will be rather inconsistent for us to belabour the hell-bound for "living for the present," don’t you think?
Here is one of several angles: if the Lord does not come, some of you young men are going to find yourselves required to take up the duties and responsibilities of overseers in the Assemblies of God. Are you permitting the Lord to fit you for this important work, if the need should arise? Read, for example, 2 Tim. 2: 2, and you will see that, while true spirituality appertains to that section of our thought-world designated in the Bible as "the heart," an understanding of "what Israel ought to do" is possible, only, to those wh reserve sufficient brain-space for storage with the -truths (plus chapter and verse) and principles of the Word of God . . . No earthly-minded Corporation, or Institution, or Position, ever can be so important as the Assemblies of the saints.
Another angle is, it seems to me, the need for Heaven-trained "mothers-in-Israel". . . sisters who have allowed the Holy Spirit, acting through the Word, to displace the false ideas, ideals, principles and rules of living, practiced by sin-darkened worldlings, with those of everlasting Truth and Righteousness, of Grace and Things-worthwhile.
For be it ever remembered that, (although the inexperience of youth often fails to see it - for a time) the wisdom of this world (i.e. its philosophies) is foolishness with God . . . the Living God, Who stretched out immeasurable space, flinging galaxies  
- or star dust - there into after the counsel of His will, Who buried the complexities of a solar system within the confines of an atom, Who led aright the thinking of His creatures in the days while they remained in their proper relationship to Himself, and Who seeks to do the same, nowadays, for His sons and daughters of the New Creation . . . "this God is our God forever and ever:" Psa. 48: 14. So let us make all possible room in our mental world for the counsels of His Word lest we be victimized by daughters of the business horseleach.