Training for Reigning - 05 - The Grace of Acceptance pt3

CHANGED LIVES! Lives out of which have gone the complainings and habitual worryings, the stress and tensions, and all such emotional conflicts, because the Grace of Acceptance has taken their place! . . . And do not let Satan persuade you that such a hope is merely an impractical dream, or at least, an impossibility for you. For just as surely as Unbelief robs sinners of their soul’s salvation, just so surely will it rob you of the peace of God that has been designed to garrison your heart and mind; Phil 4: 7. Consider such passages as these: "Be careful (anxious) for nothing"; Philippians 4: 6. "Take no (anxious) thought for your life" - or for the necessities of life -  Matthew 6: 25, 28, 31, 34. "Neither be ye of doubtful mind"; Luke 12: 29. Newberry translates: "Live not in careful suspense." (Note also: Exodus 17: 1-7; Numbers 11: 18-20; Numbers 21:4-9).
Exhortations like these make it clear and definite that IT IS
NOT THE WILL OF GOD THAT WE SHOULD SPEND A LARGE PART OF OUR TIME OUT OF FELLOWSHIP WITH HIMSELF BECAUSE WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE BAD HABIT OF STEWING AND FRETTING, COMPLAINING AND WORRYING - while we comfort ourselves with the delusion that we can’t help it! Let it once be understood that over-anxieties, nervous tensions, and battlings because of resentment or frustration, ARE MAINLY THE DIRECT RESULT OF BAD HABITS OF THINKING, plus DISSATISFACTION WITH CIRCUMSTANCES THAT GOD HAS SEEN FIT TO ALLOW, then it will be beyond argument that our blessed Heavenly Father expects us to do something to correct matters.
Sometimes the question is asked, "But what about situations that we cannot believe are of God, but of the devil. How then can we accept it as from God?"
The answer is simple. In the Bible there are revealed two forms of the will of God - His directive will, and His permissive will. Job, for example, was not afflicted by Satan because the Lord directed the devil to distress him, but because He permitted His enemy to test His servant. (Note also, that at the first Job practiced the Grace of Acceptance; Job 1: 20-21; 2: 9-10). Balaam knew what God’s directive will was; "Thou shalt not go with them" (Numbers 22: 12); but the mad prophet had set his heart on Balak’s gold, hence, in His permissive will (vs. 20) the Lord allowed the hireling to proceed. Similarly, it was not His directive will that led men to crucify His Son. But because of His determinate cousel and foreknowledge, His permissive will allowed His enemies to do their utmost against the Lord Jesus in order that He might take their worst and turn it into Heaven’s most wondrous blessing. The Father’s permissive will allowed the Son to suffer at the hands of men. The Lord Jesus MEEKLY ACCEPTED IT AS SUCH; John 18: 11, and none of us would care to question His example.
Now do you understand? . . . A vast array of things can occur that Satan, in fact, may send our way. Yet they cannot happen UNLESS THE LORD, IN HIS PERMISSIVE WILL, ALLOWS THEM TO TAKE PLACE. So it is that we must find His will in everything that comes to us, and humbly say with our blessed Lord, "Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in Thy sight." For that is the Grace of Acceptance.
Unhappily, however, some of the Lord’s dear people do not truly want to have their lives changed. One dear sister, when told that brother A. continued on good terms with brother B. because he continually prayed for grace to enable him to do so, exploded, "Why I wouldn’t even want to have grace toward a man like that!" Obviously Heb. 4: 16 was not of full value to her, while to say, "Even so Father" for such a brother was an intolerable proposition.
Again some folks are sorry for themselves and like to hide behind the excuse, "I guess I was born that way, and you can’t change the way you were born." They fail to realize that their condition is not because "they were born that way" so much as it is because THEY HAVE PRACTICED THEIR PARTICULAR RESPONSES TO THEIR FEELINGS FOR SO LONG A TIME THAT NOW THEY SEEM LIKE SECOND NATURE.
Oh no, beloved! The Lord did not save us merely to keep us out of hell, but also to save us from our un-Christ-like ways: the flesh. And the Spirit of God and the exhortations of His Word were given to us to change us into the image of His Son; 2 Corinthians 3: 18. Romans 12: 2 commands a transformation that is to grow out of the renewing of our minds . . . while verses 9-21 fairly bristle with the practical results of the Grace of Acceptance
which, let me repeat, is the response of our hearts no matter what God may allow to come our way, "EVEN SO FATHER: FOR SO IT SEEMED GOOD IN THY SIGHT"; Matthew 11:26.
Say those blessed words over and over every time anything that is hard to bear crosses your pathway.
Say them over and over; and the Complaining, the Anxious Thoughts, the Habitual Worry,Tears, the Feelings of Frustration, Resentment and Tension will be displaced by a quiet assurance that ALL MUST BE WELL, since it is written, "And we know that all things work together for good . . . " (Romans 8: 28). (-which is either truth or an outrageous lie!)
Say them over and over; and in time you will RE-ROUTE YOUR EMOTIONAL RESPONSES - your thinking - and so break the bad thinking habits that may have marred your communion with God, and spoiled your life, for so long.