Training for Reigning - 04 - The Grace of Acceptance pt2

IN THE PREVIOUS chapter it was stated that there is a cause (Proverbs 26: 2) for the mental disturbances, unrest, anxieties and tensions that overshadow the lives and break the communion of so many of the Lord’s people. It was noted, also, that such unrest, or distress, in the Christian’s life always indicates:
Now many earnest, honest saints will not be in agreement with that statement. There are always dear ones who find it hard to believe the last half of Amos 3: 6. There are the Euodiases, also, who think that it’s the Syntyches (Philippians 4: 2) that are the cause of much of their trouble . . . and vice versa. How many times some of us have said:
If he, or she, hadn’t said, or done, this or that
If they weren’t so unreasonable I’d be different
If I could only have
If the Lord would answer my prayers
If I had more courage, more talent
If things had not turned out so badly
If there isn’t some change soon I don’t know
If I could only be sure
If Christians only had more sense
If they would do or act as they ought to do
and in speaking in that way we have disclosed our dissatisfaction with things, or situations, THAT GOD HAS ALLOWED to come our way "doing despite" to Romans 8: 28! In other words, we have failed so often to recognize, and accept the will of God in our lives - perhaps because we have very wrong ideas of the sort of thing that constitutes a blessing. The young man who was trying to get established as a peach grower, who had worked for years to that end and had invested in it all he had, was fearfully upset and nearly swamped with doubts when the Lord allowed a severe frost to destroy his first good crop. It was hard for him - very hard - to take in his spiritual counsellor’s words: "God loves you better than He does your peaches. He knows that while peaches do better without frost, it is impossible to grow the best men without frost; and His object is to grow men, not peaches."
Clearly, he had failed to recognize, and accept, the will of the Lord that time. And what hosts of sorrows come to His people through such failures! Let me note (fully disguised) a few illustrative examples.
A brother becoming disgusted with his wife’s indolent ways, indifferent housekeeping, mis-management of their money and their children, undertook, as head of the house, to reform her. Results: many stormy sessions; frantic efforts to get meals on the table just before husband was due to arrive home; mounting failures and nervous tensions; finally, mental breakdown and emotional escape into insanity. The dear brother was now more than alarmed. Much heart-searching followed, and confession, and prayer that God would restore to him his wife. The Lord heard and answered his cries. Many years have passed since then without further trouble, for the Lord helped that brother to see that he must accept his poor wife for what she was rather than for what he had expected her to be. Life became tolerable because he learned to practice the Grace of Acceptance, while he wisely left her reformation to the Lord. (Case solved).
Agnes, saved early in life, found her girlish ideas frustrated at every turn because her parents expected the Lord to come soon. She was counselled not to do this or that, not to bother about new clothes, wallpaper on her bedroom, etc., etc., because the Lord might come and they would not be needed. Result: resentment against "an unkind God" (as she thought), refusals to bow to His Word, nervous tensions, depressions, finally the mental hospital. Psychiatric diagnosis was a psycho-neurosis (maniac depressive) caused by bad habits of thinking formed in early life. (Case not solved).
A saved teen-ager, highly musical, with a promising career a possibility. A long drawn-out conflict as he attempted a compromise between Ambition and Christian Conscience. Frustrations, resentment, tensions became a serious menace for a time. Finally, as a wise son, he realized his danger, yielded to his
Heavenly Father’s plan for his life, finding peace through the Grace of Acceptance. (Case solved).
Mrs. X, married to a travelling man, for years fought down her unwillingness to agree to acceptance of her husband’s absences as being the Lord’s will for her. In later years, feeling her loneliness after the family had grown up, she became very sorry for herself, brooded over her unhappiness, suffered a series of heart attacks, and went home to heaven - possibly before her time. Nervous tensions through failure to accept the Lord’s will for the pattern of her life caused it all. At length only the Lord could solve her problem . . . and He did.
And so we might go on and on, telling of the foolish battlings we Christians put up because we find ourselves thwarted, our objectives frustrated (Elder brethren, please note), of resentment, fears, that form of reasoning which goes goes ‘round and ‘round in circles (getting nowhere) called Worry, and all the long list of emotional conflicts commonly described as "things that get on your nerves" - some of them raging at this moment, some of them thankfully solved when the Grace of Acceptance has been applied.
How very different our experience becomes when we heed the Spirit’s teaching from the lips of the Lord Jesus! In Matthew 11:6, where we find the blessed whosoever of perplexity, the Lord stated the Principle of Acceptance. In vs. 26 (after He thanks His Father for the people that didn’t get savedi vs. 25) He gives us His own Example of Acceptance. Then in vs. 29-30 we have His Exhortation to Acceptance, to wear the yoke He wore while here on earth.
Blessed, precious Lord Jesus! What a halo of moral glory attended His walk down here! . . . And we are being called to "walk as He walked" (1 John 2:6) - had you remembered?