Bible Verses About Flowers

    Wild in fields  Ps 103:15
    Cultivated in gardens  Song 6:2,3
    Described as Mentioned in scripture
      The lily.  Ho 14:5; Mt 6:28
      The lily of the valley.  Song 2:1
      The rose.  Isa 35:1
      The rose of Sharon.  Song 2:1
      Of the grass.  1Pe 1:24
    Garlands of, used in worship of idols  Ac 14:13
    Representations of, on the
      Golden candlestick.  Ex 25:31,33; 2Ch 4:21
      Sea of brass.  1Ki 7:26; 2Ch 4:5
      Wood work of the temple.  1Ki 6:18,29,33,35
    Illustrative of