Bible Verses About Nile the River

Nile, the River.
    Empties itself into the Mediterranean Sea by seven streams  Isa 11:15
    Called Abounded in
      Crocodiles.  Eze 29:3
      Fish.  Ex 7:21; Eze 29:4
      Reeds and flags.  Isa 19:6,7
    Annual overflow of its banks alluded to  Jer 46:8; Am 8:8; 9:5
    The Egyptians
      Took great pride in.  Eze 29:9
      Carried on extensive commerce by.  Isa 23:3
      Bathed in.  Ex 2:5
      Drank of.  Ex 7:21,24
      Punished by failure of its waters.  Isa 19:5,6
      Punished by destruction of its fish.  Isa 19:8
    Remarkable events connected with
      Male children drowned in.  Ex 1:22
      Moses exposed on its banks.  Ex 2:3
      Its waters turned into blood.  Ex 7:15,20
      Miraculous generation of frogs.  Ex 8:3