Bible Verses About Oak Tree The

Oak Tree, The.
    The hill of Bashan celebrated for  Isa 2:13
    Described as
      Strong.  Am 2:9
      Thick spreading.  2Sa 18:9; Eze 6:13
      Casting its leaves in winter.  Isa 6:13
    The people of Tyre made oars of  Eze 27:6
    Idolaters often made idols of  Isa 44:14
    The ancients often
      Rested under.  Jdj 6:11,19; 1Ki 13:14
      Buried their dead under.  Ge 35:8; 1Ch 10:12
      Erected monuments under.  Jos 24:26
      Performed idolatrous rites under.  Isa 1:29; 57:5; Eze 6:13; Ho 4:13
    Absalom in his flight intercepted by, and suspended from  2Sa 18:9,10,14
    Jacob buried his family idols under  Ge 35:4
      Of the church.  Isa 6:13
      Of strong and powerful men.  Am 2:9
      Of wicked rulers.  Isa 2:13; Zec 11:2
      (Fading,) of the wicked under judgments.  Isa 1:30