Bible Verses About Oaths

    The lawful purpose of, explained  Heb 6:16
    Antiquity of  Ge 14:22; 24:3,8
    Used for
      Confirming covenants.  Ge 26:28; 31:44,53; 1Sa 20:16,17
      Deciding controversies in courts of law.  Ex 22:11; Nu 5:19; 1Ki 8:31
      Pledging allegiance to sovereigns.  2Ki 11:4; Ec 8:2
      Binding to performance of sacred duties.  Nu 30:2; 2Ch 15:14,15; Ne 10:29; Ps 132:2
      Binding to performance of any particular act.  Ge 24:3,4; 50:25; Jos 2:12
    Judicial from of administering  1Ki 22:16; Mt 26:63
    Often accompanied by raising up the hand  Ge 14:22; Da 12:7; Re 10:5,6
    Often accompanied by placing the hand under the thigh of the person sworn to  Ge 24:2,9; 47:29
    To be taken in fear and reverence  Ec 9:2
    The Jews
      Forbidden to take, in name of idols.  Jos 23:7
      Forbidden to take in the name of any created thing.  Mt 5:34-36; Jas 5:12
      Forbidden to take false.  Le 6:3; Zec 8:17
      Forbidden to take rash, or unholy.  Le 5:4
      To use God's name alone in.  De 6:13; 10:20; Isa 65:16
      To take, in truth, judgment, &c.  Jer 4:2
      Generally respected the obligation of.  Jos 9:19,20; 2Sa 21:7; Ps 15:4; Mt 14:9
      Fell into many errors respecting.  Mt 23:16-22
      Often guilty of rashly taking.  Jdj 21:7; Mt 14:7; 26:72
      Often guilty of falsely taking.  Le 6:3; Jer 5:2; 7:9
      Condemned for false.  Zec 5:4; Mal 3:5
      Condemned for profane.  Jer 23:10; Ho 4:2
    Instances of rash,
      Joshua, &c.  Jos 9:15,16
      Jephthah.  Jdj 11:30-36
      Saul.  1Sa 14:27,44
      Herod.  Mt 14:7-9
      The Jews who sought to kill Paul.  Ac 23:21
    Custom of swearing by the life of the king  Ge 42:15,16
    Expressions used as
      By the fear of Isaac.  Ge 31:53
      As the Lord liveth.  Jdj 8:19; Ru 3:13
      The Lord do so to me, and more also.  Ru 1:17
      God do so to thee, and more also.  1Sa 3:17
      By the Lord.  2Sa 19:7; 1Ki 2:42
      God do so to thee and more also.  1Sa 3:17
      Before God I lie not.  Ga 1:20
      I call God for a record.  2Co 1:23
      God is witness.  1Th 2:5
      I charge you by the Lord.  1Th 5:27
      As thy soul liveth.  1Sa 1:26; 25:26
    God used, to show the immutability of his counsel  Ge 22:16; Nu 14:28; 6:17