Bible Verses About Olive Tree The

Olive Tree, The.
    Often grew wild  Ro 11:17
      In olive yards.  1Sa 8:14; Ne 5:11
      Among rocks.  De 32:13
      On the sides of mountains.  Mt 21:1
    Canaan abounded in  De 6:11; 8:8
    Assyria abounded in  2Ki 18:32
    Kings of Israel largely cultivated  1Ch 27:28
    Described as Grafting of, alluded to  Ro 11:24
    Pruning of, alluded to  Ro 11:18,19
    Often cast its flowers  Job 15:33
    Often cast its fruit  De 28:40
    Often suffered from caterpillars  Am 4:9
    Good for the service of God and man  Jdj 9:9
    Oil procured from  Ex 27:20; De 8:8
    Used for making
      The cherubim in the temple.  1Ki 6:23
      The doors and posts of the temple.  1Ki 6:31-33
      Booths at feast of tabernacles.  Ne 8:15
    Beaten to remove the fruit  De 24:20
    Shaken when fully ripe  Isa 17:6
    Gleaning of, left for the poor  De 24:20
    Fruit of, during sabbatical year left for the poor, &c  Ex 23:11
    The fruit of, trodden in presses to extract the oil  Mic 6:15; Hag 2:16
    Failure of, a great calamity  Hab 3:17,18
      Of Christ.  Ro 11:17,24; Zec 4:3,12
      Of the Jewish church.  Jer 11:16
      Of the righteous.  Ps 52:8; Ho 14:6
      Of children of pious parents.  Ps 128:3
      Of the two witnesses.  Re 11:3,4
      (When wild,) of the Gentiles.  Ro 11:17,24
      (Gleaning of,) of the remnant of grace.  Isa 17:6; 24:13
      Probably origin of its being the emblem of peace.  Ge 8:11