Bible Verses About Pharisees The

Pharisees, The.
    A sect of the Jews  Ac 15:5
    The strictest observers of the Mosaic ritual  Ac 26:5
    By descent, especially esteemed  Ac 23:6
    Character of
      Zealous of the law.  Ac 15:5; Php 3:5
      Zealous of tradition.  Mr 7:3,5-8; Ga 1:14
      Outwardly moral.  Lu 18:11; Php 3:5,6
      Rigid in fasting.  Lu 5:33; 18:12
      Active in proselytising.  Mt 23:15
      Self-righteous.  Lu 16:15; 18:9
      Avaricious.  Mt 23:14; Lu 16:14
      Ambitious of precedence.  Mt 23:6
      Fond of public salutations.  Mt 23:7
      Fond of distinguished titles.  Mt 23:7-10
      Particular in paying all dues.  Mt 23:23
      Oppressive.  Mt 23:4
      Cruel in persecuting.  Ac 9:1,2
    Believed in the resurrection &c  Ac 23:8
    Made broad their phylacteries  Mt 23:5
    Their opinions, a standard for others  Joh 7:48
    Many priest and Levites were of  Joh 1:19,24
    Many rulers, lawyers, and scribes were of  Joh 3:1; Ac 5:34; 23:9
    Had disciples  Lu 5:33; Ac 22:3
    Some came to John for baptism  Mt 3:7
    As a body, rejected John's baptism  Lu 7:30
      Often invited by.  Lu 7:36; 11:37
      Condemned by, for associating with sinners.  Mt 9:11; Lu 7:39; 15:1,2
      Asked for signs by.  Mt 12:38; 16:1
      Tempted by, with questions about the law.  Mt 19:3; 22:15,16,35
      Watched by, for evil.  Lu 6:7
      Offended, by his doctrine.  Mt 15:12; 21:45; Lu 16:14
      Declared the imaginary righteousness of, to be insufficient for salvation.  Mt 5:20
      Declared the doctrines of, to be hypocrisy.  Mt 16:6,11,12; Lu 12:1
      Denounced woes against.  Mt 23:13-33
      Called, and evil and adulterous generation.  Mt 12:39
      Called, serpents and generation of vipers.  Mt 23:33
      Called fools and blind guides.  Mt 23:17,24
      Compared, to whited sepulchres.  Mt 23:27
      Compared, to graves that appear not.  Lu 11:44
      Left Judea for a time on account of.  Joh 4:1-3
    Imputed Christ's miracles to Satan's power  Mt 9:34; 12:24
    Sent officers to apprehend Christ  Joh 7:32,45
    Often sought to destroy Christ  Mt 12:14; 21:46; Joh 11:47,53,57