Bible Verses About Philistines

    Descended from Casluhim  Ge 10:13,14
    Originally dwelt in the land of Caphtor  Jer 47:4; Am 9:7
    Conquered the Avims and took from them the west coast of Canaan  De 2:23
      The Caphtorims.  De 2:23
      The Cherethites.  1Sa 30:14; Zep 2:5
    Country of
      Called Philistia.  Ps 87:4; 108:9
      Divided into five sates of lordships.  Jos 13:3; Jdj 3:3; 1Sa 6:16
      Had many flourishing cities.  1Sa 6:17
      Given by God to the Israelites.  Jos 13:2,3; 15:45,47
    Were a great people and governed by kings in the patriarchal age  Ge 21:22,34; 26:8
    Character of
      Proud.  Zec 9:6
      Idolatrous.  Jdj 16:23; 1Sa 5:2
      Superstitious.  Isa 2:6
      Warlike.  1Sa 17:1; 28:1
    Men of great strength and stature amongst  1Sa 17:4-7; 2Sa 21:16,18-20
    Some of, left to prove Israel  Jdj 3:1-3
    Always confederated with the enemies of Israel  Ps 83:7; Isa 9:11,12
    Shamgar slew six hundred of, and delivered Israel  Jdj 3:31
    Oppressed Israel after the death of Jair for eighteen years  Jdj 10:7,8
    Oppressed Israel after the death of Abdon forty years  Jdj 13:1
      Promised as a deliverer from.  Jdj 13:5
      Intermarried with.  Jdj 14:1,10
      Slew thirty, near Askelon.  Jdj 14:19
      Burned vineyards &c of.  Jdj 15:3-5
      Slew many for burning his wife.  Jdj 15:7,8
      Slew a thousand with the jawbone of an ass.  Jdj 15:15,16
      Blinded and imprisoned by.  Jdj 16:21
      Pulled down the house of Dagon and destroyed immense numbers of.  Jdj 16:29,30
    Defeated Israel at Ebenezer  1Sa 4:1,2
    Defeated Israel and took the ark  1Sa 4:3-11
    Put the ark into Dagon's house  1Sa 5:1-4
    Plagued for retaining the ark  1Sa 5:6-12
    Sent back the ark and were healed  1Sa 6:1-18
    Miraculously routed at Mizpeh  1Sa 7:7-14
    Jonathan smote a garrison of, at Geba and provoked them  1Sa 13:3,4
    Invaded the land of Israel with a great army  1Sa 13:5,17-23
    Jonathan and his armour-bearer smote a garrison of, at the passages  1Sa 14:1-14
    Miraculously discomfited  1Sa 14:15-23
    Saul constantly at war with  1Sa 14:52
    Defied Israel by their champion  1Sa 17:4-10
    Defeated Israel at Ephesdammim and pursued to Ekron  1Sa 17:1,52
      Slew Goliath the champion of.  1Sa 17:40-50
      Procured Saul's daughter for and hundred foreskins of.  1Sa 18:25-27
      Often defeated during Saul's reign.  1Sa 19:8; 23:1-5
      Fled to, for safety.  1Sa 27:1-7
      Gained the confidence of Achish king of.  1Sa 28:2; 29:9
      Distrusted by.  1Sa 29:2-7
      Often defeated in the course of his reign.  2Sa 5:17-23; 8:1; 21:15-22; 23:8-12
      Had a guard composed of.  2Sa 8:18; Eze 25:16; Zep 2:5
    Gathered all their armies to Aphek against Israel  1Sa 28:1; 29:1
    Ziklag a town of, taken and plundered by the Amalekites  1Sa 30:1,2,16
    Israel defeated by, and Saul slain  1Sa 31:1-10
    Besieged in Gibbethon by Nadab  1Ki 15:27
    Sent by God against Jehoram  2Ch 21:16,17
    Defeated by Uzziah  2Ch 26:6,7
    Distressed Judah under Ahaz  2Ch 28:18,19
    Defeated by Hezekiah  2Ki 18:8
    Israel condemned for imitating  Jdj 10:6; Am 6:2; 9:7
    Prophecies respecting
      Union with Syria against Israel.  Isa 9:11,12
      Punishment with other nations.  Jer 25:20
      Dismay at ruin of Tyre.  Zec 9:3,5
      Base men to be their rulers.  Zec 9:6
      Hatred and revenge against Israel to be fully recompensed.  Eze 25:15-17; Am 1:6-8
      Utter destruction by Pharaoh king of Egypt.  Jer 47:1-4; Zep 2:5,6
      Destruction and desolation of their cities.  Jer 47:5; Zep 2:4
      Their country to be a future possession to Israel.  Ob 1:19; Zep 2:7
      To help in Israel's restoration.  Isa 11:14