Bible Verses About Pilgrims and Strangers

Pilgrims and Strangers.
    Described  Joh 17:16
    Saints are called to be  Ge 12:1; Ac 7:3; Lu 14:26,27,33
    All saints are  Ps 39:12; 1Pe 1:1
    Saints confess themselves  1Ch 29:15; Ps 39:12; 119:19; Heb 11:13
    As saints they
      Have the example of Christ.  Lu 9:58
      Are strengthened by God.  De 33:25; Ps 84:6,7
      Are actuated by faith.  Heb 11:9
      Have their faces toward Zion.  Jer 50:5
      Keep the promised in view.  Heb 11:13
      Forsake all for Christ.  Mt 19:27
      Look for a heavenly country.  Heb 11:16
      Look for a heavenly city.  Heb 11:10
      Pass their sojourning in fear.  1Pe 1:17
      Rejoice in the statutes of God.  Ps 119:54
      Pray for direction.  Ps 43:3; Jer 50:5
      Have a heavenly conversation.  Php 3:20
      Hate worldly fellowship.  Ps 120:5,6
      Are not mindful of this world.  Heb 11:15
      Are not at home in this world.  Heb 11:9
      Shine as lights in the world.  Php 2:15
      Invite others to go with them.  Nu 10:29
      Are exposed to persecution.  Ps 120:5-7; Joh 17:14
      Should abstain from fleshly lusts.  1Pe 2:11
      Should have their treasure in heaven.  Mt 6:19; Lu 12:33; Col 3:1,2
      Should not be over anxious about worldly things.  Mt 6:25
      Long for their pilgrimage to end.  Ps 55:6; 2Co 5:1-8
      Die in faith.  Heb 11:13
      The world is not worthy of.  Heb 11:38
    God is not ashamed to be called their God  Heb 11:16
      Israel.  Ex 6:4; 12:11
      Abraham.  Ge 23:4; Ac 7:4,5
      Jacob.  Ge 47:9
      Saints of old.  1Ch 29:15; Heb 11:13,38
      David.  Ps 39:12
      The Apostles.  Mt 19:27