Bible Verses About Plague or Pestilence The

Plague or Pestilence, The.
    Inflicted by God  Eze 14:19; Hab 3:5
    One of God's four sore judgments  Eze 14:21
    Described as noisome  Ps 9:13
    Israel threatened with, as a punishment for disobedience  Le 26:24,25; De 28:21
    Desolating effects of  Ps 91:7; Jer 16:6,7; Am 6:9,10
    Equally fatal day and night  Ps 91:5,6
    Fatal to man and beast  Ps 78:50; Jer 21:6
    Sent upon
      The Egyptians.  Ex 12:29,30
      Israel for making golden calf.  Ex 32:35
      Israel for despising manna.  Nu 11:33
      Israel for murmuring at destruction of Korah.  Nu 16:46-50
      Israel for worshipping Baal-peor.  Nu 25:18
      David's subjects for his numbering the people.  2Sa 24:15
    Often broke out suddenly  Ps 106:29
    Often followed war and famine  Jer 27:13; 28:8; 29:17,18
    Egypt often afflicted with  Jer 42:17; Am 4:10
    Specially fatal in cities  Le 26:25; Jer 21:6,9
    Was attributed to a destroying angel  Ex 12:23; 2Sa 24:16
    The Jews sought deliverance from, by prayer  1Ki 8:37,38; 2Ch 20:9
    Predicted to happen before destruction of Jerusalem  Mt 24:7; Lu 21:11
    Illustrative of
      God's judgments upon the apostasy.  Re 18:4,8
      The diseased state of man's heart.  1Ki 8:38