Bible Verses About Pools and Ponds

Pools and Ponds.
    Made by God  Isa 35:7
    Made by man  Isa 19:10
    Artificial, designed for
      Supplying cities with water.  2Ki 20:20
      Supplying gardens with water.  Ec 2:6
      Preserving fish.  Isa 19:10
    Water of, brought into the city by a ditch or conduit  Isa 22:11; 2Ki 20:20
    Filled by the rain  Ps 84:6
    Mentioned in scripture
      Bethesda.  Joh 5:2
      Gibeon.  2Sa 2:13
      Hebron.  2Sa 4:12
      Samaria.  1Ki 22:38
      Siloam.  Joh 9:7
      The upper pool.  2Ki 18:17; Isa 7:3
      The lower pool.  Isa 22:9
      The king's pool.  Ne 2:14
      The old pool.  Isa 22:11
    The land of Egypt abounded in  Ex 7:19
      Of Nineveh.  Na 2:8
      (In the wilderness,) of the gifts of the Spirit.  Isa 35:7; 41:18
      (Turning cities into,) of great desolation.  Isa 14:23