Bible Verses About Power of the Holy Spirit The

Power of the Holy Spirit, The.
    Is the power of God  Mt 12:28; Lu 11:20
    Christ commenced his ministry in  Lu 4:14
    Christ wrought his miracles by  Mt 12:28
    Exhibited in
      Creation.  Ge 1:2; Job 26:13; Ps 104:30
      The conception of Christ.  Lu 1:35
      Raising Christ from the dead.  1Pe 3:18
      Giving spiritual life.  Eze 37:11-14; Ro 8:11
      Working miracles.  Ro 15:19
      Making the gospel efficacious.  1Co 2:4; 1Th 1:5
      Overcoming all difficulties.  Zec 4:6,7
      Promised by the Father.  Lu 24:49
      Promised by Christ.  Ac 1:8
      Upheld by.  Ps 51:12
      Strengthened by.  Eph 3:16
      Enable to speak the truth boldly by.  Mic 3:8; Ac 6:5,10; 2Ti 1:7,8
      Helped in prayer by.  Ro 8:26
      Abound in hope by.  Ro 15:13
    Qualifies ministers  Lu 24:49; Ac 1:8
    God's word the instrument of  Eph 6:17