Bible Verses About Prisons

    Antiquity of  Ge 39:20
    Kinds of, mentioned
      State.  Jer 37:21; Ge 39:20
      Common.  Ac 5:18
    Dungeons attached to  Jer 38:6; Zec 9:11
    Were under the care of a keeper  Ge 39:21
    Used for confining
      Persons accused of crimes.  Lu 23:19
      Persons accused of heresy.  Ac 4:3; 5:18; 8:3
      Suspected persons.  Ge 42:19
      Condemned persons till executed.  Le 24:12; Ac 12:4,5
      Enemies taken captive.  Jdj 16:21; 2Ki 17:4; Jer 52:11
      Debtors till they paid.  Mt 5:26; 18:30
      Persons under the king's displeasure.  1Ki 22:27; 2Ch 16:10; Mr 6:17
    Confinement in, often awarded as a punishment  Ezr 7:26
    Confinement in, considered a severe punishment  Lu 22:33
    Places used as
      Court of the king's house.  Jer 32:2
      House of the king's scribe.  Jer 37:15
      House of the captain of the guard.  Ge 40:3
      Prisoner's own house, where he was kept bound to a soldier.  Ac 28:16,30; 2Ti 1:16-18
    The king had power to commit to  1Ki 22:27
    Magistrates had power to commit to  Mt 5:25
    Persons confined in
      Said to be in ward.  Le 24:12
      Said to be in hold.  Ac 4:3
      Often placed in dungeons.  Jer 39:6; Ac 16:24
      Often bound with fetters.  Ge 42:19; Eze 19:9; Mr 6:17
      Often chained to two soldiers.  Ac 12:6
      Often fastened in stocks.  Jer 29:26; Ac 16:24
      Often kept to hard labour.  Jdj 16:21
      Often subjected to extreme suffering.  Ps 79:11; 102:20; 105:18
      Fed on bread and water.  1Ki 22:27
      Clothed in prison dress.  2Ki 25:29
      Sometimes allowed to be visited by their friends.  Mt 11:2; 25:36; Ac 24:23
      Might have their condition ameliorated by the king.  Jer 37:20,21
      Often executed in.  Ge 40:22; Mt 14:10
    The king had power to release from  Ge 40:21
    Magistrates had power to release from  Ac 16:35,36
    Keepers of
      Strictly guarded the doors.  Ac 12:6
      Responsible for the prisoners.  Ac 16:23,27
      Put to death if prisoners escaped.  Ac 12:19
      Often used severity.  Jer 37:16,20; Ac 16:24
      Sometimes acted kindly.  Ge 39:21; Ac 16:33,34
      Sometimes entrusted the care of the prison to well-conducted prisoners.  Ge 39:22,23
    Illustrative of
      Deep afflictions.  Ps 142:7
      Hell.  Re 20:7
      Bondage to sin and Satan.  Isa 42:7; 49:9; 61:1