Bible Verses About Publicans

    The collectors of the public taxes  Lu 5:27
    Suspected of extortion  Lu 3:13
    Often guilty of extortion  Lu 19:8
    Chiefs of, were very rich  Lu 19:2
    The Jews
      Despised.  Lu 18:11
      Classed with the most infamous characters.  Mt 11:19; 21:32
      Despised our Lord for associating with.  Mt 9:11; 11:19
    Often kind to their friends  Mt 5:46,47
    Often hospitable  Lu 5:29; 19:6
    Many of
      Believed the preaching of John.  Mt 21:32
      Received John's baptism.  Lu 3:12; 7:29
      Attended the preaching of Christ.  Mr 2:15; Lu 15:1
      Embraced the gospel.  Mt 21:31
    Matthew the apostle was of  Mt 10:3