Bible Verses About Purifications

    Of Israel at the exodus  Ex 14:22; 1Co 10:2
    Of Israel before receiving the law  Ex 19:10
    Of priests before consecration  Ex 29:4
    Of Levites before consecration  Nu 8:6,7
    Of high priest on day of atonement  Le 16:4,24
    Of things for burnt-offerings  2Ch 4:6
    Of individuals who were ceremonially unclean  Le 15:2-13; 17:15; 22:4-7; Nu 19:7-12,21
    Of the healed leper  Le 14:8,9
    Of Nazarites after vow expired  Ac 21:24,26
    Used by the devout before entering God's house  Ps 26:6; Heb 10:22
    Multiplied by traditions  Mt 15:2; Mr 7:3,4
    Means used for
      Water of separation.  Nu 19:9
      Running water.  Le 15:13
      Water mixed with blood.  Ex 24:5-8; Heb 9:19
    Was by
      Sprinkling.  Nu 19:13,18; Heb 9:19
      Washing parts of the body.  Ex 30:19
      Washing the whole body.  Le 8:6; 14:9
    Of priests performed in the brazen laver  Ex 30:18; 2Ch 4:6
    Vessels in the houses of the Jews for  Joh 2:6
    Consequence of neglecting those prescribed by law  Le 17:16; Nu 19:13,20
    Availed to sanctifying the flesh  Heb 9:13
    Insufficient for spiritual purification  Job 9:30,31; Jer 2:22
    The Jews laid great stress on  Joh 3:25
    Illustrative of