Bible Verses About Red Heifer The

Red Heifer, The.
    To be without spot or blemish  Nu 19:2
    To ge given to Eleazar the second priest to offer  Nu 19:3
    To be slain without the camp  Nu 19:3
    Entire of, to be burned  Nu 19:5
    Blood of, sprinkled seven times before the tabernacle  Nu 19:4
    Cedar, hyssop, burned with  Nu 19:6
    Ashes of, collected and mixed with water for purification  Nu 19:9,11-22
    Communicated uncleanness to
      The priest that offered her.  Nu 19:7
      The man that burned her.  Nu 19:8
      The man who gathered the ashes.  Nu 19:10
    Could only purify the flesh  Heb 9:13
    A type of Christ  Heb 9:12-14