Bible Verses About Righteousness Imputed

Righteousness Imputed.
    Predicted  Isa 56:1; Eze 16:14
    Revealed in the gospel  Ro 1:17
    Is of the Lord  Isa 54:17
    Described as
      The righteousness of faith.  Ro 4:13; 9:30; 10:6
      The righteousness of God, without the law.  Ro 3:21
      The righteousness of God by faith in Christ.  Ro 3:22
      Christ being made righteousness to us.  1Co 1:30
      Our being made the righteousness of God, in Christ.  2Co 5:21
    Christ is the end of the law for  Ro 10:4
    Christ called THE LORD OF OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS  Jer 23:6
    Christ brings in an everlasting righteousness  Da 9:24
    Is a free gift  Ro 5:17
    God's righteousness never to be abolished  Isa 5:16
    The promises made through  Ro 4:13
      Have, on believing.  Ro 4:5,11,24
      Clothed with the robe of righteousness.  Isa 61:10
      Exalted in righteousness.  Ps 89:16
      Desire to be found in.  Php 3:9
      Glory in having.  Isa 45:24,25
    Exhortation to seek righteousness  Mt 6:33
    The Gentiles attained to  Ro 9:30
    Blessedness of those who have  Ro 4:6
    The Jews
      Ignorant of.  Ro 10:3
      Stumble at righteousness by faith.  Ro 9:32
      Submit not to.  Ro 10:3
      Abraham.  Ro 4:9,22; Ga 3:6
      Paul.  Php 3:7-9