Bible Verses About Rocks

    Often composed of Flint  De 8:15; 32:13
    Described as Often sharp-pointed and craggy  1Sa 14:4
    Often had holes and clefts  Ex 33:22
    Were a defence to a country  Isa 33:16
    Dreaded by mariners  Ac 27:20
    Inhabited by The olive tree flourished amongst  De 32:13; Job 29:6
    Bees often made their honey amongst  De 32:13; Ps 81:16
    Used as
      Altars.  Jdj 6:20,21,26; 13:19
      Places for idolatrous worship.  Isa 57:5
      Places of Observation.  Ex 33:21; Nu 23:9
      Places of safety in danger.  1Sa 13:6; Isa 2:19; Jer 16:16; Re 6:15
      Places for shelter by the poor in their distress.  Job 24:8; 30:3,6
    The shadow of, grateful to travellers during the heat of the day  Isa 32:2
    Houses often built on  Mt 7:24,25
    Tombs often hewn out of  Isa 22:16; Mt 27:60
    Important events often engraved upon  Job 19:24
    Mentioned in scripture
      Adullam.  1Ch 11:15
      Bozez.  1Sa 14:4
      Engedi.  1Sa 24:1,2
      Etam.  Jdj 15:8
      Horeb in Rephidim.  Ex 17:1-6
      Meribah in Kadesh.  Nu 20:1-11
      Oreb.  Jdj 7:25; Isa 10:26
      Rimmon.  Jdj 20:45
      Seneh.  1Sa 14:4
      Selahammahlekoth in the wilderness of Maon.  1Sa 23:25,28
      Selah in the valley of salt.  2Ki 14:7; 2Ch 25:11,12
    Man's industry in cutting through  Job 28:9,10
    Hammers used for breaking  Jer 23:29
    Casting down from, a punishment  2Ch 25:12
    Miracles connected with
      Water brought from.  Ex 17:6; Nu 20:11
      Fire ascended out of.  Jdj 6:21
      Broken in pieces by the wind.  1Ki 19:11
      Rent at the death of Christ.  Mt 27:51
    God's power exhibited in removing  Job 14:18; Na 1:6
    Illustrative of
      God as creator of his people.  De 32:18
      God as the strength of his people.  Ps 18:1,2; 67:2; Isa 17:10
      God as defence of his people.  Ps 31:2,3
      God as refuge of his people.  Ps 94:22
      God as salvation of his people.  De 32:15; Ps 89:26; 95:1
      Christ as refuge of his people.  Isa 32:2
      Christ as foundation of his church.  Mt 16:18; 1Pe 2:6
      Christ as source of spiritual gifts.  1Co 10:4
      Christ as a stumbling stone to the wicked.  Isa 8:14; Ro 9:33; 1Pe 2:8
      A place of safety.  Ps 27:5; 40:2
      Whatever we trust in.  De 32:31,37
      The ancestor of a nation.  Isa 51:1