Bible Verses About Sackcloth

    Made of coarse hair  Mt 3:4; Re 6:12
    Rough and unsightly  Zec 13:4
    Of a black colour  Re 6:12
    Was worn
      By God's prophets.  2Ki 1:8; Isa 20:2; Mt 3:4; Re 11:3
      By persons in affliction.  Ne 9:1; Ps 69:11; Jon 3:5
      Girt about the loins.  Ge 37:34; 1Ki 20:31
      Frequently next the skin in deep afflictions.  1Ki 21:27; 2Ki 6:30; Job 16:15
      Often over the whole person.  2Ki 19:1,2
      With ashes on the head.  Es 4:1
      Often with ropes on the head.  1Ki 20:31
      In the streets.  Isa 15:3
      At funerals.  2Sa 3:31
    The Jews lay in, when in deep affliction  2Sa 21:10; 1Ki 21:27; Joe 1:13
    No one clothed in, allowed into the palaces of kings  Es 4:2
      (Girding with,) of heavy afflictions.  Isa 3:24; 22:12; 32:11
      (Covering the heavens with,) of severe judgments.  Isa 50:3
      (Heavens becoming as,) of severe judgments.  Re 6:12
      (Putting of,) of joy and gladness.  Ps 30:11