Bible Verses About Salt

    Characterised as good and useful  Mr 9:50
    Used For
      Seasoning food.  Job 6:6
      Seasoning sacrifices.  Le 2:13; Eze 43:24
      Ratifying covenants.  Nu 18:19; 2Ch 13:5
      Strengthening new-born infants.  Eze 16:4
    Partaking of another's a bond of friendship  Ezr 4:14
    Lost its savour when exposed to the air  Mt 5:13; Mr 9:50
    Often found
      In pits.  Jos 11:8; Zep 2:9
      In springs.  Jas 3:12
      Near the Dead Sea.  Nu 34:12; De 3:17
    Places where it abounded barren and unfruitful  Jer 17:6; Eze 47:11
    The valley of, celebrated for victories  2Sa 8:13; 2Ki 14:7; 1Ch 18:12
    Miracles connected with
      Lot's wife turned into a pillar of.  Ge 19:26
      Elisha healed the bad water with.  1Ki 2:21
    Places sown with, to denote perpetual desolation  Jdj 9:45
    Liberally afforded to the Jews after the captivity  Ezr 6:9; 7:22
      Of saints.  Mt 5:13
      Of grace in the heart.  Mr 9:50
      Of wisdom in speech.  Col 4:6
      (Without savour,) of graceless professors.  Mt 5:13; Mr 9:50
      (Pits of,) of desolation.  Zep 2:9
      (Salted with fire,) of preparation of the wicked for destruction.  Mr 9:49