Bible Verses About Salutations

    Antiquity of  Ge 18:2; 19:1
    Were given
      By brethren to each other.  1Sa 17:22
      By inferiors to their superiors.  Ge 47:7
      By superiors to inferiors.  1Sa 30:21
      By all passers-by.  1Sa 10:3,4; Ps 129:8
      On entering a house.  Jdj 18:15; Mt 10:12; Lu 1:40,41,44
    Often sent through messengers  1Sa 25:5,14; 2Sa 8:10
    Often sent by letter  Ro 16:21-23; 1Co 16:21; Col 4:18; 2Th 3:17
    Denied to persons of bad character  2Jo 1:10
    Persons in haste excused from giving or receiving  2Ki 4:29; Lu 10:24
    Expressions used as
      Peace be with thee.  Jdj 19:20
      Peace to thee, and peace to thine house, and peace to all that thou hast.  1Sa 25:6
      Peace be to this house.  Lu 10:5
      The Lord be with you.  Ru 2:4
      The Lord bless thee.  Ru 2:4
      The blessing of the Lord be upon you, we bless you in the name of the Lord.  Ps 129:8
      Blessed be thou of the Lord.  1Sa 15:13
      God be gracious to thee.  Ge 43:29
      Art thou in health?.  2Sa 20:9
      Hail.  Mt 26:49; Lu 1:28
      All hail.  Mt 28:9
    Often perfidious  2Sa 20:9; Mt 26:49
    Given to Christ in derision  Mt 27:29; 15:18
    Often accompanied by
      Falling on the neck and kissing.  Ge 33:4; 45:14,15; Lu 15:20
      Laying hold of the bear with the right hand.  2Sa 20:9
      Bowing frequently to the ground.  Ge 33:3
      Embracing and kissing the feet.  Mt 28:9; Lu 7:38,45
      Touching the hem of the garment.  Mt 14:36
      Falling prostrate on the ground.  Es 8:3; Mt 2:11; Lu 8:41
      Kissing the dust.  Ps 72:9; Isa 49:23
    The Jews condemned for giving, only to their countrymen  Mt 5:47
    The Pharisees condemned for seeking, in public  Mt 23:7; Mr 12:38