Bible Verses About Samaria Ancient

Samaria, Ancient.
    The territory of Ephraim and Manasseh properly so called  Jos 17:17,18; Isa 28:1
    The whole kingdom of Israel sometimes called  Eze 16:46,51; Ho 8:5,6
    Had many cities  1Ki 13:32
    Samaria the capital of
      Built by Omri king of Israel.  1Ki 16:23,24
      Called after Shemer the owner of the hill on which it was built.  1Ki 16:24
      Called the mountain of Samaria.  Am 4:1; 6:1
      Called the head of Ephraim.  Isa 7:9
      Kings of Israel sometime took their titles from.  1Ki 21:1; 2Ki 1:3
      The residence of the kings of Israel.  1Ki 16:29; 2Ki 1:2; 3:1,6
      The burial place of the kings of Israel.  1Ki 16:28; 22:37; 2Ki 13:13
      Was a fenced city, and well provided with arms.  2Ki 10:2
      The pool of Samaria near to.  1Ki 22:38
      The prophet Elisha dwelt in.  2Ki 2:25; 5:3; 6:32
      Besieged by Benhadad.  1Ki 20:1-12
      Deliverance of, predicted.  1Ki 20:13,14
      Deliverance of, effected.  1Ki 20:15-21
      Besieged again by Benhadad.  2Ki 6:24
      Suffered severely from famine.  2Ki 6:25-29
      Elisha predicted plenty in.  2Ki 7:1,2
      Delivered by miraculous means.  2Ki 7:6,7
      Remarkable plenty in, as foretold by Elisha.  2Ki 7:16-20
      Besieged and taken by Shalmaneser.  2Ki 17:5,6; 18:9,10
    A mountainous country  Jer 31:5; Am 3:9
    People of characterised as
      Proud and arrogant.  Isa 9:9
      Corrupt and wicked.  Eze 16:46,47; Ho 7:1; Am 3:9,10
      Idolatrous.  Eze 23:5; Am 8:14; Mic 1:7
    Predictions respecting its destruction  Isa 8:4; 9:11,12; Ho 13:16; Am 3:11,12; Mic 1:6
    Inhabitants of, carried captive to Assyria  2Ki 17:6,23; 18:11
    Repeopled from Assyria  2Ki 17:24,25