Bible Verses About Samaria Modern

Samaria, Modern.
    Situated between Judea and Galilee  Lu 17:11; Joh 4:3,4
    Had many cities  Mt 10:5; Lu 9:52
    Cities of, mentioned in scripture
      Samaria.  Ac 8:5
      Sychar.  Joh 4:5
      Antipatris.  Ac 23:31
    Christ preached in  Joh 4:39-42
    Christ at first forbade his disciples to visit  Mt 10:5
    Christ after his resurrection commanded the gospel to be preached in  Ac 1:8
    Inhabitants of
      Their true descent.  2Ki 17:24; Ezr 4:9,10
      Boasted descent from Jacob.  Joh 4:12
      Professed to worship God.  Ezr 4:2
      Their religion mixed with idolatry.  2Ki 17:41; Joh 4:22
      Worshipped on Mount Gerizim.  Joh 4:20
      Opposed the Jews after their return from captivity.  Ne 4:1-18
      Expected the Messiah.  Joh 4:25,29
      Were superstitious.  Ac 8:9-11
      More humane and grateful than the Jews.  Lu 10:33-36; 17:16-18
      Abhorred by the Jews.  Joh 8:48
      Had no intercourse or dealings with the Jews.  Lu 9:52,53; Joh 4:9
      Ready to hear and embrace the gospel.  Joh 4:39-42; Ac 8:6-8
    The persecuted Christians fled to  Ac 8:1
    The gospel first preached in, by Philip  Ac 8:5
    Many Christian churches in  Ac 9:31