Bible Verses About Serpents

    Created by God  Job 26:13
    Characterised as subtle  Ge 3:1; Mt 10:16
    Called crooked  Job 26:13; Isa 27:1
    Unclean and unfit for food  Mt 7:10
      Hedges.  Ec 10:8
      Holes in walls.  Am 5:19
      Deserts.  De 8:15
    Produced from eggs  Isa 59:5
    Cursed above all creatures  Ge 3:14
    Doomed to creep on their belly  Ge 3:14
    Doomed to eat their food mingled with dust  Ge 3:14; Isa 65:25; Mic 7:17
    Many kinds of poisonous  De 32:24; Ps 58:4
    All kinds of, can be tamed  Jas 3:7
    Were often enchanted or fascinated  Ec 10:11
    Dangerous to travellers  Ge 49:17
    Man's aversion and hatred to  Ge 3:15
    Often sent as a punishment  Nu 21:6; De 32:24; 1Co 10:9
    Miracles connected with
      Moses' rod turned into.  Ex 4:3; 7:9,15
      Israelites cured by looking at one of brass.  Nu 21:8,9; Joh 3:14,15
      Power over, given to the disciples.  Mr 16:18; Lu 10:19
      Of the devil.  Ge 3:1; 2Co 11:3; Re 12:9; 20:2
      Of hypocrites.  Mt 23:33
      Of the tribe of Dan.  Ge 49:17
      Of enemies who harass and destroy.  Isa 14:29; Jer 8:17
      (Sharp tongue of,) of malice of the wicked.  Ps 140:3
      (Poisonous bite of,) of baneful effects of wine.  Pr 23:21,32