Bible Verses About Shepherds

    Early mention of  Ge 4:2
    Usually carried a scrip or bag  1Sa 17:40
    Carried a staff or rod  Le 27:32; Ps 23:4
    Dwelt in tents while tending their flocks  Song 1:8; Isa 38:12
    Members of the family both male and female acted as  Ge 29:6; 1Sa 16:11; 17:15
    Had hired keepers under them  1Sa 17:20
    The unfaithfulness of hireling, alluded to  Joh 10:12
    Care of the sheep by, exhibited in
      Knowing them.  Joh 10:14
      Going before and leading them.  Ps 77:20; 78:52; 80:1
      Seeking out good pasture for them.  1Ch 4:39-41; Ps 23:2
      Numbering them when they return from pasture.  Jer 33:13
      Watching over them by night.  Lu 2:8
      Tenderness to the ewes in lamb, and to the young.  Ge 33:13,14; Ps 78:71
      Defending them when attacked by wild beasts.  1Sa 17:34-36; Am 3:12
      Searching them out when lost and straying.  Eze 34:12; Lu 15:4,5
      Attending them when sick.  Eze 34:16
    An abomination to the Egyptians  Ge 46:34
      Of God as leader of Israel.  Ps 77:20; 80:1
      Of Christ as the good shepherd.  Eze 34:23; Zec 13:7; Joh 10:14; Heb 13:20
      Of kings as the leaders of the people.  Isa 44:28; Jer 6:3; 49:19
      Of ministers of the gospel.  Jer 23:4
      (Searching out straying sheep,) of Christ seeking the lost.  Eze 34:12; Lu 15:2-7
      (Their care and tenderness,) of tenderness of Christ.  Isa 40:11; Eze 34:13-16
      (Ignorant and foolish,) of bad ministers.  Isa 56:11; Jer 50:6; Eze 34:2,10; Zec 11:7,8,15-17