Bible Verses About Shields

    A part of defensive armour  Ps 115:9; 140:7
    Frequently made of, or covered with
      Gold.  2Sa 8:7; 1Ki 10:17
      Brass.  1Ki 14:27
    Said to belong to God  Ps 47:9
    Kinds of
      The buckler or target.  2Ch 9:15; 1Ch 5:18; Eze 26:8
      The small shield.  2Ch 9:16
      Often borne by an armour bearer.  1Sa 17:7
    Before war Provided by the kings of Israel in great abundance  2Ch 11:12; 26:14; 32:5
    A disgrace to lose, or throw away  2Sa 1:21
    Of the vanquished, often burned  Eze 39:9
    In times of peace were hung up in towers or armouries  Eze 27:10; Song 4:4
    Were scarce in Israel in the days of Deborah and Barak  Jdj 5:8
    Many of the Israelites used, with expertness  1Ch 12:8,24,34; 2Ch 14:8; 25:5
    Illustrative of
      Protection of God.  Ge 15:1; Ps 33:20
      Favour of God.  Ps 5:12
      Truth of God.  Ps 91:4
      Salvation of God.  2Sa 22:36; Ps 18:35
      Faith.  Eph 6:16