Bible Verses About Simplicity

    Is opposed to fleshly wisdom  2Co 1:12
    Necessity for  Mt 18:2,3
    Should be exhibited
      In preaching the gospel.  1Th 2:3-7
      In acts of benevolence.  Ro 12:8
      In all our conduct.  2Co 1:12
      Concerning our own wisdom.  1Co 3:18
      Concerning evil.  Ro 16:19
      Concerning malice.  1Co 14:20
    Exhortation to  Ro 16:19; 1Pe 2:2
    They who have the grace of
      Are made wise by God.  Mt 11:25
      Are made wise by the word of God.  Ps 19:7; 119:130
      Are preserved by God.  Ps 116:6
      Made circumspect by instruction.  Pr 1:4
      Profit by the correction of others.  Pr 19:25; 21:11
    Beware of being corrupted from that, which is in Christ  2Co 11:3
    Illustrated  Mt 6:22
      David.  Ps 131:1,2
      Jeremiah.  Jer 1:6
      The Christians.  Ac 2:46; 4:32
      Paul.  2Co 1:12