Bible Verses About Spear

    An offensive weapon  2Sa 23:8,18
    First mention of, in Scripture  Jos 8:18
    Parts of mentioned
      The staff of wood.  1Sa 17:7
      The head of iron or brass.  1Sa 17:7; 2Sa 21:16
    Probably pointed at both ends  2Sa 2:23
    Called the glittering spear  Job 39:23; Hab 3:11
    Different kinds of Those who used, called spearmen  Ps 68:30; Ac 23:23
    Frequently used by horse soldiers  Na 3:3
    Furbished before war  Jer 46:4
    Pruning-hooks made into, before war  Joe 3:10
    Made into pruning-hooks in peace  Isa 2:4; Mic 4:3
    The Israelites
      Acquainted with the making of.  1Sa 13:19
      Frequently used.  Ne 4:13,16
      Ill provided with, in the times of Deborah and Saul.  Jdj 5:8; 1Sa 13:22
    Provided by the kings of Israel in great abundance  2Ch 11:12; 32:5
    Frequently thrown from the hand  1Sa 18:11; 19:10
    Often retained in the hand of the person using  Nu 25:7; 2Sa 2:23
    Stuck in the ground beside the bolster during sleep  1Sa 26:7-11
    Illustrative of the bitterness of the wicked  Ps 57:4