Sunday School Lesson 818 Crispus'and Gallio's Decision

Lesson: 818 Lesson Name: Crispus' Conversion & Gallio's Decision
Theme: Choices / Religion's Inability / Two Ways

Reading: Acts 18:1-17

Memory Verse: Psalm 39:5
Memory Verse Text: Verily, every man at his best state is altogether vanity.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Paul now moves on to Corinth - 45 miles away. Corinth was populous and wealthy but it is unlikely that there was a more profligate city in the ancient world. It was a city of splendour, commerce, show and corruption. Lust and wantoness not only practised and allowed but actually consecrated in the temple of Venus. Yet - God had much people here- v10.
Point 2: Paul first meets a Jew (with a gentile name!) who is going to figure much later on. He dwells with him and supports himself while he waits for Timothy and Silas to catch up. While there - note it is on the Sabbaths that he reasons in the Synagogues - likely indicating that at this time he was busy with tentmaking during the week. Total time spent here 18 months.
Point 3: Pressed to plainly preach Christ - his message is refused by the Jews and the great change in his ministry comes about as he turns to the Gentiles - note Acts 9:15. Nevertheless - the chief teacher of the synagogue is converted and many Corinthians as well. The Jews stir things up and bring him to court. Their charges are heard but judged of no concern to Gallio who had no time for the Jews pranks & subterfuge. Most students of God's Word believe that this man was not careless at all - but rather this was considered of no concern to his office. He was known in those times as capable and honest in his duties. Sosthenes (the Chief Teacher who replaced Crispus) is grabbed and pummelled by the Greeks who seem to resent his behaviour.
Point 4: While this matter was officially of no concern to Gallio's jurisdiction and court - it would be an excellent time to remind your class that God's Word and the Saviour are matters that fall into the court of our minds and we must make a choice!

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