Sunday School Lesson 805 Stephen's Testimony and Death by Stoning

Lesson: 805 Lesson Name: Stephen's Testimony & Death
Theme: Christ Refused / Evidences of Salvation

Reading: Acts 6:1-15, 7:54-60

Memroy Verse: Acts 7:60
Memory Verse Text: Lord, lay not this sin to their charge.

Point 1: One of the real and remarkable men of the Bible. Stephen is a man of God, Acts 6:5 who is a real testimony, active and a help amongst the people of God. The secret of his power and effectiveness seems to be his absolute trust in His God Acts 6:8 and his likeness to the Person of the Lord Jesus. Anyone with those characteristics to bound to amount to something for God.
Point 2: It is also inevitable that such character will result in persecution - see 2Tim.3:12. When unable to resist his wisdom and spirit they determined to destroy him as they had his Master.
Point 3: Falsely accused and detained. They saw his face as it were the face of an angel. They heard his words as he speaks of the unbelief of Israel in spite of all God's OT dealings finally leading God to send the Just One whom they had murdered!
Point 4: Their attitude is unchanged. Indeed, becomes more hateful. He on the other hand, gets a glimpse of a glory greater than earth by far, nd a look at His Lord and as he speaks of it, they rise up and stone him to death. And like his Lord, he speaks words of forgiveness to those who abused him.

Notes: Chapter 8:1 tells us Paul was there. He too condemned him and aided those who killed Stephen, but God was goading this man who would ultimately bring many to the Light.

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