Sunday School Lesson 802 Peter Preaches at Pentecost after the miracle of speaking in tongues

Lesson: 802
Lesson Name: Peter and Pentecost
Earnest Seeker / God's Wonderful Ways

Reading: Acts 1 & 2   John 20:24-29

Memroy Verse: Acts 17:30
Memory Verse Text: God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

Printable Activity:8 page mini book to tell the story of the Day of Pentecost. Also in color .

 Day of Pentecost Holy Spirit


Talking Points:

Point 1: The Lord has gone back to Heaven. Matthias is chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. Now in Acts 2 - we are presented with a wonderful picture. They were all in one place with perfect agreement and accord amongst themselves.
Point 2: Tongues of Fire sat upon them and the Spirit of God for the first time "dwelled"* in created men. In Jerusalem at that feast there were many devoted Jews who had come from many countries. Note Acts 2:11. A miracle** was witnessed uestions were raised!
Point 3: Peter rises - how precious to see that all the rest stood 'with him'. They were not the speaker but in full agreement & fellowship with him. There to encourage and strengthent the hands of the man who would speak for God.
Point 4: He preaches the claims of God and the need for Christ the Lord weaving the OT scriptures into the message. Pricked in their heart they cry out "What shall we do?"  The only suitable response for sinners is REPENT and BELIEVE the gospel and follow it with evidence of their faith - Baptism. They gladly received the Word and 3000 were saved. The secret to such a work is still to gladly receive the WORD.


* You should briefly differentiate between OT believers who had the Spirit of God "come upon" them for specific purposes. 

**It is also important to show that this miracle meant that they understood clearly what the men spoke. These were not unintelligible sounds or words.

More Biblical Background Material:

"I Speak in Tongues More Than you All

 Is baptism required to be saved?

 Does a person have to be told he is a sinner in order to be saved?

What is "baptism unto the remission of sins"? 

Does Mark 16:16 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation?