Sunday School Lesson 729 Jesus Christ Reurrection from the Dead

Lesson: 729 Lesson Name: HE is Risen from the Dead
Theme: Christ the Lifegiver and Resurrection / Christ the Lord

Reading: Mk 16:1-18  Mt. 28:1-20  Lu 24:1-49 Jn 20 & 21

Memroy Verse: Romans 14:9
Memory Verse Text: Christ both died, and rose and revived, that He might be Lord.

Point 1: The powers of Rome had secured the Tomb and the Seal of Rome was upon it. The women come to the Tomb - a great Earthquake and a mighty Angel's visit caused the keepers to shake and become as dead men. All Rome's power could not match this authority and majesty.
Point 2: While the soldiers feared rightly - the women are told not to fear. He is risen, AS HE SAID. They are told to go with the message but as they went - Jesus met them! They worshipped Him and rightly so. His resurrection ought to cause fear in unbelievers and worship and joy in those that are His.
Point 3: The High Counsel of the Jews bribe the soldiers and secure their secrecy and give assurance that their lives will not be forfeited. Why were they so determined to hide the truth? Because a Resurrected Christ means that they will have to meet Him again.
Point 4: The Saviour gives instruction to His own in Matt. 28 to go and make disciples of all nations(gentiles) - Israel that once found itself the object of God's special favour and grace is now set aside because they have refused the Lord of Glory.

Notes: Risen Lord Comforts, Restores, Teaches, Confirms, Commissions

Summary: YES, up from that grave HE AROSE - HE LIVES and all will meet Him again. How will you meet Him? Will you fall at His feet with appreciation? Or will you fall at His feet in fear?

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