Sunday School Lesson 728 The Dying Thief is Saved

Lesson: 728 Lesson Name: The Dying Thief
Theme: Christ the Saviour / Christ Refused

Reading: Luke 23:27-43,     John19:18, 31-32,    Mark15:27-28,      Matthew27:38,44

Memroy Verse: I Peter 3:18
Memory Verse Text: Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the Just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God.

Point 1: The men and women of their day had determined that these two thieves deserved death - a cruel death. In their case they were right as one of the thieves acknowledges Luke 23:41, but in the case of the Lord Jesus - they were all wrong!
Point 2: When did this guilty thief notice that there was a tremendous difference about the Man on the middle Cross? He had joined in the mocking at first. But were the words of Christ so different(unlike the cursing swearing and remorse he himself might have felt)? Were the early statement of the Lord enough to touch him (Forgive them for they know not what they do!)? Was it the accusation over His head (so different from the list of the thief's crimes over his own head) or the accusations of those who crucified what finally sunk in? He saved others!
Point 3: Perhaps it was thoughts of Eternity - a fear of God? But he is brought to recognize that this man had done nothing amiss - who else could this be? There was no one else in all history that fit that description. Carefully consider this - if it is true that He did nothing amiss, then His cross has a wonderful purpose too.
Point 4: Note - his desperate cry "Lord" This called for a decisive CHOICE. He believes in the resurrection. He doesn't know much - but His Cry reached the heart of the Saviour. In spite of what little the theif knew - he is given a promise that leaves nothing out. He is to enjoy the presence of His Lord that very day in a place bright and fair!

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