Sunday School Lesson 727 Jesus Crucifixion Death and Burial

Lesson: 727 Lesson Name: The Crucifixion, Death & Burial
Theme: Christ the Substitute

Reading: Mk 15:20-47  Mt 27:27-66 Lu 23:26-56 Jn 19:16-42

Memroy Verse: Luke 23:33
Memory Verse Text: When they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified Him.

Point 1: Scourged, stripped, crowned with thorns beaten down, mocked, taunted, ridiculed with a robe and a reed, spitten upon and smitten - there in my place, condemned He stood.
Point 2: Simon is made to support the trailing part of the cross that the Saviour bore. Golgotha, Calvary - the place of a skull - what a scene. Know before of and anticipated by God,  it was now destined to be a place that all would look back to forevermore.
Point 3: They crucified Him, the soldiers shared His garments and gambled for His handwoven vesture. They watched Him. They mocked Him. They said "He saved others (and the word they used for others meant others like himself) - there was no one like HIM. Himself He could not save for there was no other way that we could be delivered.
Point 4: Darkness - that's all the NT tells us about his suffering at the hand of God for our sin. The Prophetic Scriptures tell us of the horror of those hours and the NT later reveals all it's wondrous blessed purpose.

Summary: There they laid Him. But this is not the end of the Story. They had silenced His voice but they will hear it again. They had crucified the Lord but they will never treat Him that way again.

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