Sunday School Lesson 725 Jesus on Trial before Pilate

Lesson: 725 Lesson Name: Jesus Standing before Pilate
Theme: Christ the Sinless / Christ Refused / Choices

Reading: Mark 14:53-15:15  Matt. 26:57-27:26, John 18:28-19:16

Memroy Verse: Isaiah 53:3
Memory Verse Text: He is despised and rejected of me, a Man of Sorrows.

Point 1: There are many stages in the trial of the Lord Jesus. He suffered a religious trial before the High Priest and the High Council of the Jews. He endured a political trial before Herod as well. Then He stood before Pilate to be judged of him. All were unjust and all charges were unfounded.
Point 2: Pilate hears the trumped up charges of the people, but repeatedly (careful reading may show you 5 times) says there is no reason (fault) for judgment in Him.
Point 3: Knowing this Pilate tries to distract them by offering Barabbas. Crying for the blood of Christ - Pilate has Him scourged in the hope that will be blood enough. Don't underplay scourging. Many people died under it.
Point 4: Finally - to content the people - to show that he was Caesar's friend - he takes sides against the Son of God and pronouces the death sentence. All of this in spite of the words of the Lord Jesus -John 19:11

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