Sunday School Lesson 724 Judas Betrayal of Christ

Lesson: 724
Lesson Name: The Betrayal
Theme: Christ Refused

Reading: John 13:20-30 Mark 14:43-52; Matthew 26:47-56

Memroy Verse: 1 John 1:7
Memory Verse Text: The Blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin.

Activity #1

Did Jesus Love Judas ? -   This worksheet will help you explain the love of God through several men in the gospels.

Activity #2

Mini story booklet to help tell the story of Judas betraying Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene. Includes larger pictures to help tell the story to a small group of people. Did Jesus love Judas? Did he love Peter? Did he love the Thief on the Cross? Did he love the men who crucified him? Does he love you? There is nothing that you can do that will make God love you more than he already does. There is nothing that you do that will make him love you less. He loves inconditionally. This worksheet will help you explain the love of God through several men in the gospels.

 Judas Betrays Jesus

Talking Points:

Point 1: Judas has made his bargain and now comes to do his deed. Thinks perhaps that there is safety in numbers and comes with a multitude. His way to identify the Lord Jesus is with a kiss (perhaps that had been his customary way of greeting him).
Point 2: The Saviour calls him "Friend" - was there something that the Saviour found so appealing about him in spite of his betrayal Cf Ps.55.21, Ps. 41:9. Peter tries to defend the One who has all-power. Seems like a noble act but the Saviour acts more nobly still by putting the ear back and reminding Peter that if He were to call, the angelic legions would respond.
Point 3: The anguish of rejection, the accusations and afflictions of His trial and the pain of Calvary could be avoided but how then could the scriptures be fulfilled? Note - the importance of the scriptures to Him Matt. 26:54,56.
Point 4: All His disciples forsake Him utterly and flee. So much for brave words and best intentions. He is left alone to face the heartless venom of men's sinful hearts.

Other Questions