Sunday School Lesson 721 Peter Denies Jesus

Lesson: 721 Lesson Name: The Denial
Theme: Evidences of Salvation / Sin's Danger and Consequences

Reading: Matthew 26:33-35,67-75, Mark 14:27-31,53-56,66-72, Luke 22:31-34,54-62, John 13:36-38, 18:15-27

Memroy Verse: Psalm 51:4
Memory Verse Text: Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned.

Point 1: The Lord has prayed that Peter will be preserved though tested sore. He predicts that Peter and the others will be offended and Peter insists that he will remain faithful to Him.
Point 2: Sad to say - a very little while later, and Peter, in spite of all his boldness, denies Him with curses. We are often tested and found wanting on what we may think is our strongest point. How unlike the Lord Jesus - who when He was tested in all points as we are - remained true and faithful.
Point 3: Peter follows afar off and sits with those who follow the proceedings as the Saviour is accused and mistreated. He (2x) attempts to warn himself at the fire. Soon he is identified - but denies Him before them all! Twice more and with greater vehemence, he denies the One who loved him so. Then the alarm bell rings (rooster crows!)
Point 4: He remembered the Word of Jesus. His bitter tears are at least an evidence of the reality of conviction and understanding. The Saviour will later complete the work of restoration in this beloved disciple.

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